FAQ Covid

There are no longer any restrictions on entry into France, regardless of the place of origin.

Source: Service Public


  • Accepted vaccines in France
    • Pfizer/BioNTech (for 18-29 years old)
    • Moderna (for 30 years old and more)
    • AstraZeneca/Vaxzevria/Covishield
    • Johnson & Johnson


    Some vaccines from other countries are accepted in France to get a Passe Vaccinal.



    Source : https://ansm.sante.fr/dossiers-thematiques/covid-19-vaccins/covid-19-vaccins-autorises

  • Get a Passe Vaccinal

    On March 3 2022, the Prime Minister Jean Castex  announced the suspension of the Passe Vaccinal in places where it was required and the lifting of the mask in the interior areas, except in public transport and health facilities, from March 14, 2022



    Sources: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/actualites/A15543?lang=en

  • Where can I get vaccinated ?
    • With Dr Béatrice VALLIN in UCLy
      • consultations by appointment only: www.rdv-med.fr / professional code: Aé0540
      • without appointment: Fridays from 1pm to 3pm
      • St Paul Campus, 2nd floor, C 202 bvallin@univ-catholyon.fr
    • Online appointment on https://www.sante.fr/ or phone number 0 800 009 110 (7/7 from 6am to 10pm)
    • Online appointment on https://www.doctolib.fr/
    • Appointment with your treating doctor
  • Test and refund

    You can be tested for free if:

    • Complete vaccination
    • Recovery certificate dated less than 4 months old
    • Contraindicated vaccination with medical proof
    • Incomplete vaccination with a medical prescription (valid 48h for people with symptoms)
    • Less than 18 years old

    Don’t forget you “Carte Vitale” (green health insurance card) or your European health insurance card* so you won’t have to pay in advance or to ask for your refund.

    *Holders of the European health insurance: the refund is possible only if your home country refund tests. The amount for the refund will be the same as in your country.


    For other situations, tests cost between 20 and 50€.

  • What to do if I’m contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19/positive to covid/I have symptoms ?

    Get a PCR/antigenic test:

    • If positive: you must self-isolate 5 to 7 days after. After 5 days, you have to get tested. If you are positive, you must stay isolated 2 days more. If you are negative, you can return to normal activities.


    • If you are negative: you don’t have to self-isolate. You will have to get tested 2 and 4 days later.


    If you have a positive self-testing, you have to get a PCR/antigenic test to validate/invalided your test.