Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Processes

Credit hour 4
Total number of hours 30
Number of hours for lectures 30


Some students wonder what entrepreneurship is.
Entrepreneurship goes far beyond starting your own company. It is about detecting and transforming opportunities and creating value for you, for firms and for whole communities. It is about seeing things that others do not see.
Being an entrepreneur means being creative, discovering new environments , and having a mindset that makes you beyond existing things and finding creative answers to present and future problems.
Most of the time, having an entrepreneurial attitude makes you a leader among many followers. That the spirit of this course: to give the Esdes students some basic principles to understand the entrepreneurial spirit and to let them discover and explore a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial process as it applies to launching a new company.

This class is offered in the Spring semester only.


Semestre 2