Humanities Learning Department (DFH)

Subject-specific learning, in an effort to ensure employability and expertise, can lead to students losing sight of the wider perspective and favouring individualistic strategies to the detriment of collective benefit. The importance of wider learning lies in honing this sense of humanity and moving away from a utilitarian relationship with the world and towards a mindset that looks to be useful to the world.

The university’s identity is strongly influenced by its “Confluence” project, which represents a geographical location, a scientific programme and a desire to come together with others.

The Humanities Learning Department (Département de Formation Humaine, DFH) fits into this approach by providing spaces that facilitate interplay between different perspectives on the world we live in. This multidisciplinarity is a real source of inspiration, enriching UCLy’s degree-specific teaching with an awareness of the public issues of our time.

The DFH offers students :

  • A wide range of methodological tools to strengthen what they've learnt (‘Improvisation and Public Speaking’, ‘Discernment and Critical Thinking’, ‘Introduction to radio with RCF radio station’);
  • Modules to develop their curiosity (‘French cuisine: cultural heritage to discover’, ‘Cinema: the history and language of images’, ‘Introduction to sign language’);
  • The chance to gain insight into fields of research outside of their discipline to enrich their learning ('Introduction to Psychology’, ‘Discover Clinical Criminology’, ‘Introduction to Anthropology: Unity of Humankind and Cultural Diversity’);
  • Practices aimed at better self-awareness (‘Relaxation, Concentration and Presence’, ‘Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology’, ‘Know How the Brain Works to Learn Better’);
  • Spaces for reflection on the issues at play in the contemporary world (‘Contemporary International Relations’, ‘The Big Ethics Debates: Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Think and Live Interculturality’).

ECTS credits can sometimes be awarded for these modules. Most modules have sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, while some are in the form of intensive sessions during the autumn and winter breaks.

The DFH wishes to work towards an outward-looking mindset, with ethical considerations placed at the centre of the wide range of courses taught by UCLy. So, when you study at UCLy, you can gain an excellent command of your subject area thanks to the different faculties alongside a social and cultural education with an emphasis on a sense of civic duty, what it means to be alive, inspiration and inner life.

Our degree courses will only help society if those who complete them are able to take the focus away from themselves and put their expertise at the service of an external reality; not just themselves and those like them but a human, political, legal, economic, ecological and cosmological whole.

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Humanities Learning Department

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