Fundamentals of Marketing and Sales

Credit hour 4
Total number of hours 30
Number of hours for lectures 30


Marketing involves two basic sets of activities. The first set starts with identifying consumer needs and ends with positioning the product or service to satisfy those needs and differentiate it from competition. In between, rigorous analysis of the competition, the customer, the environment, and the company’s own capabilities are required. The second set of activities revolves around the “marketing mix” – letting the consumer know about the product in an attention-getting, convincing, and motivating way, getting it to the consumer through the best combination of distribution channels, pricing it effectively, and offering incentives to try, purchase, and purchase more. At any point along the way, failure to get one of these activities right may result in the failure of the product. Positioning is the key to product success, but even a perfect product with brilliant positioning won’t last long if its benefits are not clearly communicated to the right people, if its price is too high or too low, if it is sold through the wrong retailers, or displayed poorly.

This course covers the principles, problems and techniques of one to one selling of ideas, products and services in today’s domestic and international markets. Active participation provides practical experience through guided role-playing with techniques for success in sales. Psychological and social aspects of buyer motivation are studied, as well as critical thinking, elements of presentation, and ethics, appropriate for developing beginning sales skills. Course topics include creating value in the buyer-seller relationship, prospecting, sales call planning, communicating the message, negotiating for win-win solutions, closing the sale and follow-up.

This class is offered in the Autumn semester.


Semestre 1