European Free Trade Agreements

Total number of hours 30
Number of hours for lectures 30


Level : Post Graduate
Submitted to prior assessment of the student's background

Give the students a picture of the legal framework of the EU External Trade Policy and study some of the major free trade agreements concluded or being negotiated by the EU.
Module content: Barriers to free trade are still present in international trade, even if the traditional tariff barriers tend to elapse. The EU is looking for deeper commercial relations, especially with emerging economies, particularly in Asia. A new generation of bilateral free trade agreements is being developed, on a consistent basis with the general WTO framework. The EU free trade agreements generally address questions which are not ready for multilateral discussion within the WTO and also go beyond the WTO market opening approach.
The module will introduce the students to the EU external trade policy and to the specific EU competence in this field. The place of external trade agreements within the EU legal order will also be addressed. Then, a quite detailed analysis will cover the major existing trade agreements, their scope, content and application. The students will also have an overview of the current trade negotiations, especially those relating to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.


Semester 1