European Bussiness Law - The Single Market: goods, services / European International Market

Total number of hours 20
Number of hours for lectures 20


Level : Post Graduate
Submitted to prior assessment of the student's background

European Business Law encompasses two main topics of European Law : the Law of Internal Market and Competition Law. The four freedoms of the internal marker (i.e. free movement of people, goods, services and capital) form the basis, in the European treaties, of the internal market and make business across borders much easier and cheaper. Further legal rules are contained in European directives aimed at harmonizing domestic legal provisions in order to improve the functioning of the internal market. This course will focus on the internal (i.e. European) and external (i.e. international) dimensions of the European internal market: how to import and export goods within and to the European Union, how to provide services and establish in the European Union. Some of the major external agreements between the EU and third countries will also be adressed.


Semester 1