Europe and its contemporary geopolitical issues


The aim will be to help students understand some of these issues, but also to develop their critical and creative thinking abilities and sensitivities to documents and the representations via which these so called issues and news stories are presented to them.


Each week this course will examine two contemporary geo-political issues of countries within the European Union, as well as some of the overarching geo-political issues for the Europe Union itself. The students approach each of these issues through an engagement with, and sensitive reflection upon a series of (textual, visual and audio-visual) documents which will be prepared and presented to them in advanced for their use throughout the course.
The countries and issues chosen will vary according to the contemporary situation, and also according to the desires of the students who sign up for the course. Current obvious examples might be:  The Great British Brexit debate and its implication for Europe; the consequences of Syriza’s decision over the IMF loan in Greece; the current relationship between Ukraine and Russia; The rise of the extreme right in Austria; or Europe and its Immigration policy, Europe and the TTIP Trade Treaty, Europe and its relationship with Turkey.


Each student will have to make a presentation, in English, which shall be graded. They will also be grade on their contribution to the discussion.