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The Faculty of Law at the Lyon Catholic University (UCLy) and ESDES Business & Management School of UCLy (ESDES) propose a Master in Digital Law & Management entirely taught in English.

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Daily use of digital practices leads to a considerable exchange of data. These data are extremely valuable and have a significant economic value. They must be protected as they provide sensitive information about the activity and identity of various players, as well as companies, their managers, employees or joint contractors natural or legal persons.

European regulations on personal data (GDPR) require compliance by companies and institutions. They have to appoint a lawyer responsible for data protection (DPO), from the moment that they offer goods and services within the European Union. Several tens of thousands of jobs are connected to this field.

As a consequence, the profile of corporate and business lawyers is changing. They become real intermediaries between company manager and internal or external legal as IT departments.

The Faculty of Law and the ESDES (Management School) offers “Digital Law & Management” programmes, entirely taught in English.


Full program of « Digital Law & Management »


By choosing the 2-year programme the student can follow the Lyon Track and receive :

  • a DU Digital Law & Management from the Faculty of Law of UCLY
  • a Master in Management from ESDES.

By choosing the complete 2-year programme, the student can follow the New York Track and receive:

  • a DU Digital Law & Management from the UCLY Faculty of Law,
  • a Master in Management from ESDES
  • an LL.M. – Master of Laws from St John’s University in New York.


A 1-year Programme


Students can join the program for one year only, choosing between Track 1 & 2

  • Track M1: Data Protection & Management
  • Track M2: International Data Management

By choosing track M1 or track M2, the student can receive a Post Graduate Certificate awarded by the Faculty of Law and the ESDES.


Key objectives


Objectives are :

  • Gaining an expert knowledge of legal concepts and management tools in order to provide students with the best advice for business leaders:
    • switch to digital age
    • setting up quality processes for digital products
    • data protection
  • Knowing specific legal rules for digital;
    • Eg. intellectual property relevant to the Internet, databases or software; the electronic contract; the fight against cybercrime; the civil liability, criminal liability and administrative responsibilities of the web host, the service provider and the content editor; blockchains, smart contracts…
    • Knowing how to anticipate and assess new risks linked to digital and digitalization, particularly, in terms of responsibilities and data protection, measuring the current and future ethical challenges raised by the digital development;
    • Changing environment, anticipating risks and updating legal knowledge:
      • Legal watch, digital literacy…
    • Being able to master the technological environment in order to understand the technical possibilities in terms of data security;
    • Being able to master the AI ​​processes.


Establishment partnerships


This programme is offered in partnership with ESDES, school of Management at UCLy



Recruitment level: Bachelor/Bachelor of Honor

Training (s) required

Law or management background


Conditions of admission


Candidates can apply for this Master or Track, when holding or in the process of obtaining (on the date of their registration) a BACHELOR/BACHELOR OF HONOR, a diploma of type master 1, a degree, diploma Bachelor level (French or foreign) from a training recognized by the State, or by the competent authority.

The candidate must have a minimum of 180 ECTS credits (or equivalent) on the date of registration.


Refresher course


A refresher course is provided at the beginning of semester 1. This will consist of 4 modules of 24h hours for 3ECTS / module.

Students who do not have sufficient initial legal training, the Faculty of Law will provide the refresher course

Students who do not have a sufficient level in management sciences, ESDES will provide refresher training.





  • A copy of your high school diploma transcript
  • Copies of all transcripts or your University degrees (post-baccalaureate)
  • Your result on an official English test (TOEIC, BULATS, TOEFL, IELTS etc …)• Your result of the official TAGE MAGE test

Specifics features In 1 year, this training leads to the acquisition of a Post Graduate Certificate signed by the Faculty of Law and the ESDES Management School.


This 2-year programme leads to a certification of the degree of Master PGE (Grandes Ecoles Program) approved by the ESDES and a University Diploma in Digital Law & Management from the Faculty of Law.

Career opportunities

  • DPO: Data Protection Officer
  • Digital law consultant
  • Data protection consultant
  • Manager with legal skills
  • Project Manager in the digital area
  • Manager with an expertise in digital law
  • 2-year programme, Master’s degree of Laws and Master’s degree in management: € 10,380 / year
  • Track M1, in 1 year, Data protection and management:
    € 10,380 EU national € 11,630 non-EU national
  • Track M2, in 1 year, International Data Management:
    € 8,780 EU national and € 9,830 non-EU national

Dr. Nathalie POTIN
LL.M. Programs Director

Delphine VINEGLA 
LL.M. Programs Coordinator

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