UCLy's 6 departments

The Department of Theology and Religious Sciences

UCLy's Department of Theology and Religious Sciences combines state-of-the-art teaching in Catholic theology with practical training that responds to the realities of the Church and society.

The department of Theology and Religious Sciences consists of:

The Faculty of Theology

Logo Theo

Founded in 1878, within the framework of the Catholic University of Lyon, the Faculty of Theology participates in the theological service of the Catholic Church in France in 21 dioceses of south-eastern France (most notably the ecclesiastical provinces of Lyon and Marseille). It is a place of teaching and research in theology in the university tradition of the Catholic Church. By pontifical right, it awards canonical diplomas. In conjunction with state universities, it also offers joint doctorates.



Founded in 1946, the IPER is a university institute that prepares those who are called to pastoral responsibilities to thrive in increasingly varied fields and confers university degrees. The modularisation of courses allows for the possibility of following courses à la carte, completing a one-year diploma, a two-year diploma, or obtaining the professional title of “Chargé de mission pastorale” recognised by the Ministry of Labour.

The Department of Philosophy and Human Sciences

The originality of The Department of Philosophy and Human Sciences is to coordinate a canonical faculty and a set of distinct university institutes, thus guiding two lines of research:

  • Philosophy and Christianity,
  • Philosophy, Ethics, Life Sciences, and Human Sciences.

The Philosophy and Human Sciences department consists of:

The Faculty of Philosophy

Logo de la Faculté de Philosophie

The Faculty of Philosophy, created in 1932, is a teaching and research centre. It endeavours, through dialogue with other disciplines, to promote a methodical reflection on the dimensions of human experience within contemporary culture.

The Department of Psychology - SHS (Human and Social Sciences)

Logo du département Psychologie SHS

Since 1990, this department is committed to offering education programmes that will provide specific and cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills useful to every student, whatever his or her professional orientation. To achieve this, the initial education programmes (bachelor's and master's degrees) will continue to evolve, as will continuing education in the socio-educational, health, and psychological fields. Since the research in this department is linked to practice, it is developing exponentially in order to rethink the support and care systems on offer.

The MEEF Master's Degree

Logo Master MEEF

This degree is dedicated to training in teaching and education, as well as training in the public and private sectors. As a programme that leads to an academic degree and prepares students for professional life, it is invaluable to all future teachers. As the cornerstone of the preparation for the state’s competitive teacher licensing examinations, the course includes disciplinary, pedagogical and didactic teaching, internships, and the writing of a dissertation.

The department of Economics and Management

ESDES Lyon Business School

ESDES is the Business School of UCLy (Catholic University of Lyon). The school contributes to the development of a responsible economy supported by its employees, partners, alumni, and students.

It is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and is involved in the international AACSB and EPAS accreditation processes. ESDES benefits from the resources and facilities of an international university as well as from interchanges between the 6 faculties and 5 professional schools. The result: unique profiles with cross-disciplinary skills, which are highly valued by companies.

The school is located in the heart of the city of Lyon. A city that has become the preferred territory of students and investors, it is among the best ranked for living and working: a fertile breeding ground for numerous opportunities.

In September 2020, ESDES will open its doors in Annecy - the UCLy Alpes Europe campus.

The department of Letters and Languages

The Department of Letters and Languages brings together a diverse group of schools and institutes for multidisciplinary teaching:

• The Faculty of Letters and Modern Languages is oriented towards literature, education, culture, and modern languages,

• ESTRI, with its international outlook, is designed for bilingual or trilingual French students,

• The ILCF is aimed at French and international students who are interested in the French language and culture.

It is also composed of specialized research centers such as: the Pierre Gardette Institute, the Ecology and Discourse research project and the Eurasian Chair.

The Department of Letters and Languages is composed of:

The Faculty of Letters and Modern Languages

Logo de la Facul

The Faculty provides multidisciplinary teaching combining literature and 5 specialization courses (extensive literature studies, education, society and politics, modern languages, cultural professions). It also offers preparation for the IEP exams. Those who wish to do so can spend a semester studying abroad in: Canada, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom, Argentina, South Korea, or elsewhere.


 sans bordures

For 50 years, ESTRI has been preparing students for today's professional world by turning a passion for languages into a decisive asset. ESTRI students are prepared for the professions of specialised translation, international communication, international marketing, and intercultural management, by following programmes designed in consultation with professionals in the sectors concerned and using a skills-based approach. Thanks to these different areas of expertise, the school opens the door to an international career. For ESTRI, interculturality is at the heart of its business and language is its key tool.



Created in 1948 in the heart of Lyon, the Institute of French Language and Culture (ILCF Lyon) offers courses in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). Here is the ILCF Lyon in figures: more than 70 years of existence, nearly 2,000 students from 5 continents representing 70 nationalities, an Official DELF/DALF Examination Centre, University Diplomas in French Studies (DUEF) at several levels including a wide range of specialized French courses, and an FLE Quality Label.

Institut Pierre Gardette

Logo institut pierre gardette

A research and development centre for languages and cultures in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, the Institut Pierre Gardette (IPG) specialises in the study of Franco-Provençal and Occitan languages and the geographical variations of the French language. The IPG has an agreement with the University Lumière Lyon 2 for the obtention of a PhD in Language Sciences.

The department of Legal, Political, and Social Sciences

This department is composed of:



Founded in 1974, the Institute of Family Sciences is the only French university and multidisciplinary institute devoted to the family. A place of research, publication, and of education, the ISF aims to ponder the complexities of the family and to accompany its transformations.

The Faculty of Law

Logo Fac de droit

The Faculty of Law aims to train quality jurists (lawyers, notaries, magistrates, and company lawyers) but also critical thinkers, who will be active in the development of our society. The objective is to develop the theoretical, technical, and methodological skills of our students, but also to orient them towards human training, international openness, and the understanding of developments, particularly technological developments.

The IDHL, Institut des Droits de l'Homme

Lodo idhl

Founded in Lyon in 1985, the Lyon Institute of Human Rights is a university institute of higher education that provides technical and specialised training in the field of human rights. One of the characteristics of IDHL is its intercultural dimension. The Institute welcomes students from France and all over the world.

The UNESCO Chair "Memory, Cultures and Interculturality"

Created in 2007, its main objective is to engage in in-depth reflection on the challenges of interculturality and in particular on the place and evolution of societies in the era of globalisation. It is a centre of training, research, information, documentation, and exchange within an international network, which promotes connections between cultures.

The CIEDEL - International Centre for Local Development Studies

CIEDEL is a university institute for training and the support of professions engaged in local development and committed to social change. Its aim is to enable its students to understand, influence, implement, and lead development dynamics and policies. To achieve this, CIEDEL offers concrete training courses in intercultural situations which enhance the students' experiences.

The department of Sciences

The Department of Sciences brings together specialized schools and a state-of-the-art research laboratory:



ESTBB is a major school specialising in biotechnologies, supported by solid business expertise and a marked international dimension. Among its many strengths are: innovative teaching methods, work-study programs, its network of partner companies, and its commitment to international solidarity through training programs and student associations.



Created in 1975, the IFTLM of Lyon, a graduate school in Biomedical Diagnostics and Quality Management in the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Industries, trains the healthcare professionals of today and tomorrow. Based on a pedagogy focused on development and fulfilment, IFTLM supports its students throughout their academic training and supports them in developing a strong professional identity.



ESQESE offers two academic programmes, one in Quality, Safety, and the Environment and the other in Digital Sciences, both offered in 3-year or 5-year programmes. Within the framework of QSE, they anticipate the risks that could affect the safety and health of employees and consumers, transform environmental impact, and optimize management through the deployment of quality policies and tools. These future digital professionals will hold positions as IT project managers, designers and developers of IT and robotics solutions, system and network administrators, website creators, etc. Our training courses combine basic sciences, business knowledge and technical expertise, and offer a wide range of professional situations (case studies, internships and work-study programs) in which students can develop their expertise.

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