The St. John’s University School of Law – Université Catholique de Lyon Dual Diploma : St. John’s LL.M. in Transnational

St. John's University School of Law and Lyon Catholic University Law School are launching a dual LL.M. International Trade & Investment Law program starting in September 2015. The program, entirely taught in English, is designed specifically for students interested in working in international trade, customs, and investment positions. Topics include regional trade agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP), EU trade law, trade and development, TRIPs agreement, trade preferences, international banking regulation, and bilateral investment treaties.

Both of our Law Schools have an outstanding expertise in attracting students from all over the world in their existing LL.M. programs. Our classes are highly multinational, allowing students to build future and valuable professional networks.

One of the key features of this new program is to give the opportunity to study, in one academic year, in two countries. The students will spend the Fall semester in Lyon (France) from September to December, and the Spring semester in New York City (U.S.A.) from January to May. This gives the unique chance to be immersed in two distinct linguistic, cultural and legal contexts. All students enrolled in this track receive a dual diploma (an LL.M. in European and International Trade and Investment Law by Lyon Catholic University and an LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice by St. John's).

Study program

The Fall semester courses in Lyon are taught by Lyon Catholic University Law School Faculty but also by visiting professors from partner universities in Europe as well as by legal practitioners from the EU and the WTO. Our professors rely on practical study methods, focusing on pre-readings, tutorials, group work and presentations. Study visits to the WTO in Geneva and to the EU in Brussels are integral part of the program.

Your second semester, in New York City, focuses on the major areas of international business and U.S. regulation of business. In addition to the capstone Transnational Legal Practice I course and the TLP Legal Writing I course, students will be able to take classes from among this list.

Why Choose the St. John's - Lyon Catholic University Dual Diploma?

· Think like an American lawyer. Our dual diploma offers innovative approaches to teaching the law, including role play simulations in Transnational Legal Practice I each week to really understand the legal topics discussed in lecture;

· Write like an American lawyer. Our dual diploma is committed to legal writing and legal analysis, in the form of a TLP Legal Writing course. Students in TLP Legal Writing learn how American-trained lawyers analyze cases, write memoranda, and fashion briefs.

· Learn in New York City. St. John's is located in New York City, the world-leader in transnational practice. Learn from scholars and practitioners, attend conferences and events in Manhattan, and take advantage of all the opportunities afforded to students in America's largest city.

· Individualized Attention and Personalized Instruction. Our dual diploma is focused on you. In addition to our lectures, our courses benefit from second- and third-year JD student Teaching Fellows, who guide you through difficult concepts in our weekly tutorials. Our faculty and administrators provide special office hours for LLM students to answer questions about legal concepts and the program.