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Master 2 degree in History, Theory and Practices of Human Rights, specialization in the Rights of Freedom/Fundamental Rights

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 4
Admission conditions
Length of studies
1 year
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Cost and financial aid
Between 1980 euros and 3206 euros with respect to annual revenue; registration fees of 45 euros Learn more
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Teaching languages
Certain seminars could be given in English; knowledge of English is highly welcomed
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The Master 2 degree in History, Theory and Practices of Human Rights and the specialization of the Rights of Freedom/Fundamental Rights is a program that emphasizes and explores the professional aspects of human rights.

This program also allows students to understand the various issues and problems with regards to human rights within a multi-disciplinary and cross-sector perspective.

Additionally, students have the ability to deepen their legal knowledge and while also enriching their understanding of general culture and multiculturalism.

The program prepares students for their professional goals, put into perspective by the various faculty of the Institute of Human Rights of Lyon and with the participation and intercession of a wide variety of national and international experts as related to specific course modules, weekly conferences related to current events, professional goals of students, applied English, and internships.

With this pedagogical method, students will be in a position to analyze legal questions following a rigorous method while also respecting academic norms. As such, students obliged to do a thesis based on an original subject.


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 4

Admission conditions

  • Level for admission: Bac+4 (corresponding to a Bachelors or undergraduate degree in the US/UK system)
  • Other requirements for admission: Students having already completed a Master 1 in Law, in France or abroad as recognized in France; students having already completed the 2nd cycle degree (Bac+4) at the IDHL in good standing and upon examination of application
  • Conditions for admission: Upon examination of application and preliminary interview 

Cost and financial aid :

Between 1980 euros and 3206 euros with respect to annual revenue; registration fees of 45 euros

The beginning of the semester is planned to start in the month of September with an orientation day and an inaugural conference.

The following courses are offered within the Master 2 :


Optional internship

To meet the requirements of the program, students will be obliged to do an internship.

Internships must not be longer than six months.

The Institute of Human Rights of Lyon encourages, recommends, and helps students to do a second internship at the end of the program.

Upon the completion of the internship, students with be required to submit an evaluation of their internship with respect to their activity and projects completed during the time of their internship.

Career Opportunities

Based on its network of 30 years, the IDHL trains and educates high-level individuals capable of professional success within the field of international law and human rights.

Our students have gone on to positions within NGOs, humanitarian organizations, educational and social organizations, local/regional and international organizations, as well as government administrations of the same nature, legal firms specializing in Human Rights for the protection of foreigners, rights of refugees, women’s rights, children’s rights etc, and in various councils and committees with respective to communication, expertise, and project management.