Marketing Foundations and Principles

Credit hour 2.5
Total number of hours 15
Number of hours for lectures 15


As far as intellectual skills are concerned students will have the opportunity to analyse and evaluate information through the case studies, prescribed reading and projects that will be presented. They will also be able to design and implement an independent research project exploring a specific aspect of a culture (or comparing several cultures) in depth.

On a practical level, students will have to acquire presentation skills and learn how to interest and react to audiences' participation.
Due to the high number of international students in the module students will also learn how to interact with their peers through group work and also how to learn from each other rather than simply being taught by the lecturer.


This module aims at introducing students into the world of marketing and its place within a company.

By the end of the module students will have learned the main principles of the basic concepts of marketing, their uses and application to different products and services.

1. Marketing and its environment both within and outside the company
2. The product definition, typologies,
3. Price - strategies,achieving goals, evaluating and setting prices objectives
4. Distribution traditional V new methods of distribution
5. Promotion mix - types, media, cost, promotion and goal setting
6. Applying the mix marketing looking at marketing process for products and services
7. Presentations


To be distributed at the beginning of the class


The module will be evaluated with the following compulsory tasks

A series of short written exercises and case study analysis (20%)

One group presentation of 20 minutes and written report at the end of the module (60%)

Class participation (20%)

Additional Information

Teaching and Learning Strategy :

 The module will use various methods to stimulate both teaching and learning. Students will be presented with mini lectures where basic information will be disseminated. In order to stimulate the learning process students will be required to do a substantial amount of prescribed reading in order to work on case studies based on corporate issues. Towards the final stages students will be required to work on both individual and group projects where they will be able to put into application the theoretical grounding covered over the course through the reading material case studies and formal lectures. As the module progresses the emphasis will be on student centered learning, group work and individual research.