Jo-Anne's testimony

"I attended the four week study program in France, Lyon at the partner institutionUniversité Catholique de Lyon in conjunction with my alumni university Australian Catholic University. This four week program was available for undergraduate students in business management, economics, finance or marketing. This was a fantastic opportunity as I got to travel without delaying my studies, the program expanded my horizons and I became aware of the culture in France, I had made new friends with international students (and I have still remain in contact with a few), I also learnt a bit of the French language and I had put into practice when I was socializing/communicating with the locals and teachers.

Basically, participants of this program study three compulsory modules in finance, marketing and select three or four more ( worth a total of four ECTS credits) from the list of six elective modules. The program is mainly taught in English except for the French language module. My host teacher and student representative was Veronique and Manon. They introduced themselves to me and other international students and welcomed us all on the exciting,challenging, fun four week journey studying abroad.

At the start I was very nervous as I did not know what to expect and being overseas for the first time by myself was a little daunting but I was glad that I was not the only one who was nervous and excited! 
As I settled into my supported student accommodation, I had the chance of meeting and talking to the other students who came from all over the world ( Germany, Sweden, 
Argentina, Canada, Czech Republic to name a few.) As the weeks went by we exchanged details about ourselves, studies, country, hobbies and many other things. But the main reason why we all got along very well was that we were all there for the same purpose and shared similar interests in regards to studying abroad and taking our studies to another level. 

The partner university organized numerous activities for us , from what I can personally remember there was a tour around the city of Lyon on a double-Decker bus where we had headphones to listen to the guide talk about the city showing us the buildings and he explained what a particular building was. 

A day tour of Switzerland (Geneva)- we had the chance of exploring the mountainous landscape, local produce and souvenirs. We had a lucky opportunity to enter the United Nations building which was very interesting and educating where world leaders would gather and discuss social world topics. 

I got to participate and celebrate Bastille Day which is an important event to commemorate the Storming of the Bastille and also for the unity of the French people, then I got to enjoy the communal meals, dances and fireworks!
On our last week stay, students had the opportunity to partner up with another student and make a traditional cuisine from our homeland to share with everyone and explain what the food is, what it is made out of and of course for others to taste! This was great, as it provided everyone a sense of identity, multiculturalism and openness to sharing their delicious recipe to take back home. 
Even though it was only a four week study abroad program, I did learn a lot in the short amount of time there. I do highly recommend any student who is interested in participating studying abroad especially at Université Catholique de Lyon to do it. Considering it was 5 years ago it has left a positive imprint on my memory and I hope to return to France for either further study or a holiday. "