Ethics & Corporate Governance and Ethics & Compliance


Dr. Nathalie Potin


The objective is to present the legal and ethical dilemmas that business face in an international business environment.
Students will gain an understanding of international Ethics & Corporate Governance and Ethics & Compliance. Particular focus will be given to issues relating to Illegal trade and Corruption.


In today’s world, engaging in any form of economic activity is rarely a purely domestic matter. The most basic commercial transactions will include cross-borders transactions. Companies will trade across a wide spectrum of transnational boundaries. The markets are truly globalised.

Doing business in an international context entails risks.

Along with the risks, corporations do face legal and ethical dilemmas.

This course will provide students with the do’s and the don’t when negotiating international business arrangements keeping in mind the legal and ethical dilemmas for companies doing business in an international environment.

Particular focus is given to Ethics & Corporate Governance, Ethics & Compliance as well as Illegal trade and Corruption.

This course uses both theoretical applications and a case study approach.

• Part 1 : Ethics and Corporate Governance

This part will be dedicated to Corporate Governance in an international context. We shall look at what corporate governance entails.
Focus will be given to directors & board structure, directors’ performance & remuneration, risk management and shareholders’ participation.

• Part 2 : Ethics and Compliance

This part will focus on Ethics & Compliance. We will consider the sensitive issues of bribery and corruption. We will consider international conventions dealing with these issues. Focus will be given to the practices of multinationals and small & medium size companies.

• Part 3 : Ethics and Illegal trade & Corruption

The part will be dedicated to illegal trade, counterfeit goods, corruption, their reality, their growth and their impact. To conclude this part, we will consider disputes arising out of these issues.


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Contrôles des connaissances

The course grade will be based on a students’ participation (50%) during the summer school and a written assignment (50%) based on case studies and the knowledge displayed in that written assessment.