2nd level Master’s : Research

Published on January 27, 2012 Updated on March 27, 2017

The 2nd year of the Master’s program is a research level organised in two parts :

  • A fundamental theoretical part: 2 semesters of courses.
  • A written research paper under the supervision of a teacher.


  • International Law of Children's Rights
  • International Law of Human Rights
  • Legal Fundamentals of the Human Rights
  • Philosophical Fundamentals of the Human Rights
  • Political Fundamentals of the Human Rights
  • Origins, criticism and reconstruction of the human rights
  • History of economic and social rights
  • History and principles of the penal trial
  • Methodology of research
  • Methodology of the field research
  • Guiding principles of the contemporary penal trial
  • French topical issues in Human Rights
  • Oral examination techniques
  • Regional systems in the protection of Human Rights


A study trip to Geneva allows students o become familiar with big international organisation such as ICRC, ILO, etc.

The program also contains a series of lectures given by national and international high level experts from international organisations, associations, NGOs, etc.

The students who wish to acquire a professional experience may be eligible for internships of at least 2 months. This internship shall be done within the framework of partnerships and agreements which bind the IDHL to associations and international organisations.

This Master's Degree is delivered under agreement with the University Grenoble 2.

 More information about 2nd level Master’s : Research(in french)